Hubei Teyer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  
    Order Notes

1. Shipments can be FCA/FOB any China port, mainly from Wuhan or Shanghai port. Or can be     CPT /CFR or CIP/CIF any port in the world as long as Airlines/shipping lines go there.

2. Normally, orders to be MOQ basis. Order less than MOQ can also be acceptable. Our     suggestion to customer is trying to order at least MOQ. In that case order will be more safe     and easy to be handled.

3. Small quantity for trial order for some items is acceptable.

4. Payment terms can be:
    ---- L/C at sight
    ---- 100% T/T in advance
    ---- For more payment details discussion, please contact Teyerpharm sales team,     [email protected]
5. Bank Information:

    Bank: Agriculture Bank of China Hubei Branch
    Company: Hubei Teyer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    Account No.:17893514040000044


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Hubei Teyer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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