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  1. Ask: We want to import your product, Did your company have the DMF certificate? And any other certificate?
    Answer: Our products only passed the GMP certificate and don't obtain DMF now.

  2. Ask: We are planned to import some of your product, but the sample is required for test, would you please send the sample to us free of charge?
    Answer: Generally speaking, the sample will not be sent for totally free. We certainly can send the sample to our clients for test. But for the new clients, if the sample is valuable, the sample fee and the freight will be on the clients' account. If the sample is not valuable, we will afford the sample fee and the freight to collect. We commit we will return back the sample fee after the business concluded. We hope it is understandable to you.

  3. Ask: What will you do if the quality of your products found disqualified while in use?
    Answer: Our company passed the GMP certificate, the production process is strictly according to the GMP requirement, and the special quality department is exclusively in charge of the product quality. ensuring every batch of the product strictly conforms to the pharmacopoeia regulations. If the disqualified product is found, please provide the quality report to us immediately, we will dispatch the special survey team to make a investigate into the matter. We will take fully responsibility to compensate for all the loss upon confirmation of the quality problem arising from us.



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Hubei Teyer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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